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1241 Helen Highway
Suite 100
Cleveland, Georgia 30528

Public Safety Office: 706-865-9500
Fire Services Office: 706-865-3855
Animal Control Office: 706-219-2689
Fax: 706-219-3084

Fire Services

The primary mission of the White County Fire Services shall be to provide to the Community: 1) the best possible fire protection and emergency response services for the sick and injured, 2) education of the public to the hazards and dangers of fire, 3) assistance to improving the control of and elimination of fire hazards.

The White County Fire Services is dedicated to the safety, health and well being of the entire Community; committed to maintaining the highest professional standards in order to provide services necessary to protect all citizens from loss of life and/or property regardless of Race, Creed, Age, Religion, Handicap, or Nationality.

Headquarters Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:00AM to 5:00PM

1241 Helen Highway
Suite 140

Cleveland, GA 30528
706-865-3855 Office
706-219-3084 Fax

Safety Tips:

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Severe Weather and Natural Disasters
Spring Cleaning Safety
Backyard Fire Pit Safety
Power Lawnmower Safety
Home Heating Safety
Cold Weather Safety

How do I obtain a burn permit?

Contact the Georgia Forestry Commission at 877-652-2876

How do I know if it’s okay to burn?

The automated system will advise you at the time of applying

What are the ISO ratings for White County?

Excluding City limits, you could be a 7, 9, or 10.

What is the ISO rating for my home?

Excluding City limits, you could be a 4, 4Y or 10

How many members are there in the White County Fire Department?

At present, we have 42 volunteers, 13 full time staff firefighters.

How do I become a member?

Our application is located under the HR tab on the county website. Once completed, bring it to the Board of Commissioner’s Administration building located at 1235 Helen Hwy (behind the Senior Center).

Can anyone join?

Men and women 18 years old and older are welcome to submit an application. All applicants are subject to a background check and you must be capable of strenuous physical work.

Is there a program for those under 18 years of age?

Yes, the City fire departments have an Explorer program. Contact the city departments directly for more information.

Can I perform community service for the fire department?

No, but you can contact the White County Board of Commissioners at 706-865-2235 and they can refer you to a different department that does.

Does the Fire Department fill up swimming pools?

Sorry, but, no

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