About Addressing

Welcome to the White County Addressing informational page, created to better inform you of the process involved when addressing properties, and to answer commonly asked questions. The importance of these numbers is for 911 emergency vehicles to locate you as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

White County assigns addresses based on a 5.28 (ft) interval, measured to the driveway or ingress/egress of a property. The 5.28 standard means that (1) address is assigned every 5.28 feet, or 1,000 addresses per mile. Odd numbers are located on the left side of the road, and even numbers on the right.

911 Address
In order for an E911 address to be issued, the following criteria must be met:
1.Obtain a White County Building Permit
2.Driveway must be cut

*Please note, if the driveway is moved or altered, this will affect the address, and a new valid number will be assigned.

The address is field verified, assigned, and added to the official address database. New addresses are also updated on all departmental maps and the GIS system. You will be mailed a written address verification that should be kept for your records.

Once received:
1.Contact your local Post Office for complete mailing address. Do not use this address for
your mailing address until you verify it with the local Post Office.
2.Post your address with 3” reflective letters at the road and on your residence. Failure to
post and maintain appropriate address signage may result in delayed emergency response
by Police, Fire, and EMS crews.
3.Notify your local telephone company of your new address and all pertinent utility
companies (gas, water, cable, electric, etc.)

Mapping Technitions approve all road names. A form is available and we do request 3 name choices which will be reviewed for duplication/similarity to existing road names. Before a private road can be named, the approval of 100 percent of the property owners must be obtained and submitted and there must be 3 or more residences on the road in order to name it.

Road signs will be provided on all Federal, State and County maintained roads. The purchase and placement of signs on private roads will be the responsibility of the developer, property owners, or homeowners association. A list of companies that offer road signs which meet county specifications is available upon request. Failure to post and maintain appropriate road signs may result in delayed emergency response by Police, Fire, and EMS crews.