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The Finance Department is responsible for advising the Board of Commissioners and Administration on budgetary and fiscal issues. The primary functions include disbursement of County funds, processing of employee payroll, and assisting in the monitoring of County revenues and expenditures. In addition, the department distributes interim financial reports and facilitates in the annual audit.

Financial Reports

Title Description File Size File Type Download
2015_2008_SPLOSTAD.pdf 8.26 KB PDF
2013_SPLOSTAD.pdf 5.74 KB PDF
2013_White_County_CAFR.pdf 1,544.28 KB PDF
2009_White_County_Annual_Financial_Report.pdf 1,079.48 KB PDF
2016-Millage-Notice-Ad.pdf 92.44 KB PDF
2012_Millage_5_yr_hist.pdf 184.26 KB PDF
2015_White_County_CAFR.pdf 2,355.42 KB PDF
2015_2014_SPLOSTAD.pdf 9.59 KB PDF
FY_2016_Approved_Budget.pdf 332.03 KB PDF
FY_2013_BUDGET_ADOPTED.pdf 585.21 KB PDF
FY_2012_BUDGET_ADOPTED.pdf 230.35 KB PDF
WC_Annual_Splost_Ad_v4.pdf 8.72 KB PDF
July2016millage5yrhist.pdf 133.95 KB PDF
2014_White_County_CAFR.pdf 1,468.46 KB PDF
Budget_Comparison_FY_2009-FY_2010.pdf 118.92 KB PDF
2016 White County CAFR.pdf Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for FY 2016 4,127.46 KB PDF
FY_2018_Approved_Budget-06-12-2017.pdf 861.30 KB PDF
2017millagepres081417.pdf 287.18 KB PDF
July2017millage5yrhistory.pdf 116.93 KB PDF
FY2017 White County CAFR.pdf Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for FY 2017 2,006.92 KB PDF