Assessors Office

PER O.C.G.A. 48-5-311(e)(D)(2)(A)

The Board of Assessors and the Assessors Office staff is charged by Georgia State Law with appraising all property in White County at its FAIR MARKET VALUE so that no taxpayer is taxed for more than his fair share of taxes.

The staff keeps track of property ownership by receiving copies of all deeds filed in White County. As property sells, they are able to document ownership information, tract sizes, and sales prices of properties sold. The staff also measures every taxable structure in the county and maintains a scaled drawing. Periodic reviews are conducted to determine any changes to the properties and any trends taking place in particular divisions of the county called neighborhoods. The office also maintains a file on the construction components of each structure, the quality of materials and workmanship of the structure, and previous sales data on the property in order to help determine the current fair market value of the property. Each parcel in the county is visited by a field appraisal team at least once every three years.

This information is transmitted to the Tax Commissioner's Office so tax bills can be charged to taxpayers based on the assessed property values. The Tax Commissioner's Office creates and sends out the tax bills. If you have a question about your tax bill, please call the White County Tax Commissioner's Office at (706) 865-2225.

Annual Return Period and Notices of Assessment

Each year, Georgia property owners are required to make a Return of Real Property between January 1 and April 1 stating whether any changes have been made to the property. If a taxpayer does not return his or her property value, then the prior year value is considered to be the returned value for that year. After the return period is over, the Assessors Office is required to mail each property owner an Annual Notice of Assessment which will show the prior year's value, the current year's value, an estimation of taxes based on the prior year's millage and the reason for any change in assessment. In White County, the notices are usually mailed at the beginning of May. Once a taxpayer receives the notice, he or she has 45 days from the date on the notice to appeal on the following grounds:

Denial of Exemption
Breach of Covenant
Denial of Covenant

If a taxpayer is in agreement with the value stated on the notice, no action is required. The only time a taxpayer may appeal is during the appeal period. Failure to make an appeal during this time constitutes a waiver of appeal for that year. The Board of Assessors is not legally permitted to make an exception concerning the appeal period deadline. In the State of Georgia, a tax bill can not be appealed.

Homestead Exemptions

If your White County home is your primary residence and you are not claiming homestead in any other county or state, you may qualify for homestead exemption. Applications are taken year round, however, application must be made by April 1 to apply for the current year. A valid Georgia driver's license or I.D. card showing your physical residence address is required at filing. White County has numerous homestead exemptions available. Please
click here to see available homestead exemptions.

2018 Board Members
and Staff

2018 Board Of Assessors

Roy Johnson, Board Chairman
Warren Glover, Member
Bill Schofill, Member

Staff Members

Chief Appraiser - Bryan Payne
Deputy Chief Appraiser - Jennifer Saxon
Senior Field Appraiser - Jeanette Deyton
Field Appraiser - Robert Messmore
Personal Property Appraiser - Linda Holman
Mapper - Lee Johnson
Appraisal Clerk - Jean Spear
Appraisal Clerk - Debra Sanders