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White County Public Safety

The Office of Public Safety comprises four divisions under the management of the Director of Public Safety and led by Division Chief’s for the daily operations:

Emergency Management - is responsible for assisting in the protection of lives and property of White County citizens in the event of natural or man-made disasters. Emergency Management anticipates emergencies, takes steps to prevent loss of life and property and provides quick response when disasters strike.

9-1-1 Communications - is responsible for receiving emergency and non-emergency calls for service and dispatching the appropriate first responders including Sheriff’s Office, Police Departments, Fire Services, Emergency Medical Services, and Animal Control.

Fire Services – is responsible for the protection of life, property and the environment from the effects of fire. The division provides fire prevention and inspection services to promote fire safety throughout our communities. The division provides emergency rescue services and first responder services to those with medical emergencies, automobile accidents, mountain rescues and lost persons.

Animal Control Services – is responsible for the enforcement of Animal Control Codes and Ordinances and the protection of domesticated animals and livestock in our county. The division operates an enforcement section and kennel care section.

Emergency Medical Services – the county contracts with Northeast Georgia Health System, to provide Advanced Life Support services to the county. The division is led by the Chief of EMS under the Director of EMS within NEGA Medical Center.