Solid Waste & Recycling

White County Transfer Station
670 Industrial Blvd.
Cleveland, Ga. 30528
M-F: 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.
SAT: 9 A.M. - 4 P.M.

The White County Transfer Station is operated by Advanced Disposal. For more information please contact Advanced Disposal at 706-865-3716.

The White County Convenience and Recycling Center
519 Hulsey Road
Cleveland GA, 30528
M&W: 9AM-5PM

White County Convenience Center Fee Schedule
Household bagged garbage only, with a maximum 33 gallon bag.
One to Six bags, $3.00. Each bag over Six, a charge of $ 0.50 per bag

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD - Corrugated cardboard has three layers- a smooth inner and outer layer and a wavy middle layer. Boxes must be broken down and flattened- Acceptable examples- shipping and moving boxes, and appliance boxes. Brown paper grocery bags are also acceptable. No waxed cardboard. No single layer boxes such as shoe, cereal, and other food boxes are acceptable

ALUMINUM CANS - Aluminum and bi-metal beverage cans, clean aluminum foil, aluminum pie plates and trays- Acceptable examples: soda cans, TV dinner trays.

TIN CANS - metal food and drink cans- empty and rinsed- paper labels may be left on. Acceptable examples- Soup and vegetable cans, juice cans.

#1 (PETE) - discard caps, rinse containers, flattened- Acceptable examples: green and clear 1 & 2 liter soda bottles, cooking oil bottles (must have screw on tops or not acceptable)- Hint: PETE plastics are always see-thru, whether colored or not, will have this symbol on the bottom.

#2 (HDPE) - discard caps, rinse containers, flatten. HDPE plastics come in two forms which must be separated—Natural (cloudy white) and Colored such as yellow, blue, red, etc. Acceptable examples: Milk and ½ gal orange juice containers (natural) and laundry detergent, fabric softener, and yellow milk containers (colored) NO motor oil containers, yogurt or margarine tub-type containers. Hint- HDPE plastic can not be seen- thru.and will have this symbol on the bottom.

NEWSPAPER - Must be dry. Remove from plastic bags. Comics section, Parade section and inserts are OK. The rule to use is “if it comes with the newspaper, recycle it.”

MAGAZINES - Periodicals and catalogs printed on glossy paper, having stapled or glued bindings. Paperback books also accepted. NO HARDBACK BOOKS, BOOKS WITH WIRE BINDINGS, OR TELEPHONE BOOKS PLEASE

For more information please contact (706) 865-7655 or (706) 865-6768